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I started watching Manifest and New Amsterdam. Now my “regulars”, SVU, Criminal Minds, Flipping Out, etc. have started. Way too many to keep up with when I also peek in on DWTS and Voice. I just deleted The Good Doctor from my dvr lineup.


Have you given up any new or regular tv shows?


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I don't watch many network shows, but I've finally given up on Modern Family. The first few seasons were good, but I can't remember when it made me laugh. I have started watching " A Million Little Things ", I think I be with it for the long haul, unless it gets stupid.

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The new show The Cool Kids with Vickie Lawrence and Martin Mull is very funny.

Maybe you have to be a senior citizen to see the humor, but it kept me laughing.

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I watched the first episode of FBI and didn't like it.  I won't watch it again.  I missed God Friended Me this weekend but have it set up to tape next weekend.  It sounds good to me.

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I'll try The Rookie, with Nathan Fillion


I hope Seal Team comes back, it was new last year, I really liked it.


I prefer reality-type shows like Hell's Kitchen

Just finished watching Castaways, loved it, I hope there's a new one out next summer.

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Not yet because the season just started.  I haven't even seen the 2nd episode of shows yet.  I did see Manifest and that's a keeper.  I'll watch the 2nd episode of New Amsterdam some time today.  The premise is silly but it might get more realistic in time.  I like the star of the show.   I'm still sampling the new shows but as I start watching the new ones, I drop the ancient old ones.  Like SVU, I let that go a few years ago so I could move on to new shows.  There are only so many hours in a day so when it comes to tv, something has to give.