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The Chantix Turkey has the same vibes as the

Camel Cigarette Hip Camel.  Wondering if Chantix is 

marketing to a younger demographic?  It just seems very

child-like to have a cartoon (cold) turkey as the face of

something as serious as smoking.  


I saw those commercials...just seems weird. 

What's 'weird' about them???   I don't see anything at all 'weird' about the commercial.  I love all of them or the ones I've seen.  I used Chantix to quit smoking, after having the habit for over 50 years.  I would go into a panic just thinking about quitting.  I really enjoyed smoking.    Using Chantix I did quit 2 years ago.   I had no side effects from Chantix.  I did have nicotine withdrawal symptoms after I quit smoking.   Those symptoms lasted only a short period of time (it was insomnia and crying over anything)...




Congratulations !!  ....  even with Chantix, I'm sure it wasn't easy