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Re: My new favorite commercial

I think the state farm one is really funny when the guy is at the stop light and the next guy is trying to get him to raceSmiley Happy


The touching one when the waitress is hoping she can afford her kids medication. That is so touching and so true.  I have seen people pay over a hundred dollars for one medication.  Should not be this way.


And Jessica Alba who is pretending to work out.  I think this is so funny when someone is knocking at the door and she calmly say im working out.  The way she says it is so funny.

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Re: My new favorite commercial

I was just thinking about this commercial today for whatever reason.


I've always found the Mayhem guy to be kind of intriguing, but now with this cat commercial I'm really liking him more and more.  Silly and humorous yet somewhat reality based, he does do an evil kitty pretty well.  Speaking of evil kitties, one is pesting to get in a cabinet and tear at the plastic bags for her Saturday night entertainment.  Cat Tongue

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