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Since there's so many kinds of music out there and in our lives, I got to wondering what kind of song or type of music did you like to dance to as a kid?


Did you go to a roller rink and skate to their music?


I love to hear boogie woogie type of music.


Some jazz, esp. Kenny G


Now love mouth organ music, like Steel Magnolias has in it's movie.


I know music and mood can go hand in hand too.


How is music in your life going?  What kind/type of music do you like?



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I was born in '69. I loved a lot of the music my parents had but I also loved Blondie and Peaches & Herb. I remember the old roller rink playing Queen and absolutely believing I would be the next Linda Blair.


Clearly not the exorcist years, because the vomiting would be from sexy roller skating.



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I was a 'headbanger'. 


RIP Malcolm Young:  "I'm on the highway to H*ll"

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80's music is the best music. Still love it!


Some the groups/singers I listened to as a teenager and still listen to today.


Def Leppard                                  Rick Springfield

Wham                                             Meatloaf

REO  Speedwagon                     Tom Petty

Van Halen                                     Journey

John Cougar Mellancamp         Bryan Adams