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That movie never fails to make me laugh.  Marisa Tomei is a hoot.


How she ever got through that scene about the deer amazes me.  I guess that is why she has the Oscar and I don't.   lol

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When I saw your post I had to comment. My husband and I have watched this movie with dinner together at least 15 times! Not to mention, we are always reciting lines from the Movie on each other at the appropriate moments. I'm right there with you, it never fails to makes us laugh no matter how many times we've seen it. The same is true for me with the movie Overboard, the origional of course.

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That is a movie you can watch over and over again. And enjoy watching it each time. Every cast member seemed perfect for their role.


I like watching Fred Gwynne. He played his role so well. Just like the rest of the.cast. Glad he made this movie before he passed away


Funny he played all kinds of crazy roles and he graduated from Harvard.

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@CrazyKittyLvr2  I laugh all the way through it, foul language and all!  "Like you blend" LOL!

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@Love my grandkids wrote:

@CrazyKittyLvr2  I laugh all the way through it, foul language and all!  "Like you blend" LOL!

That is such a good line! And so true.


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As an Italian Jersey girl currently living in the Bible Belt, this movie is my world. I live for it every time I see it. Best overdone yet eerily accurate stereotypes on all sides Hollywood has ever done. 👍🏻👍🏻

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Re: Movie My Cousin Vinny

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It's a classic. I never tire of this movie- So clever and hilarious! 
@KittySoftPaws , totally agree, another one for me is Overboard!  "I didn't marry very well, did I?".  Just the best- 

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This is one of those movies I never really considered I would like and then one rainy afternoon started watching it on tv and fell in love with it.  Great storyline, great characters, great acting!  Herman Munster as the judge?  I hope whoever cast this movie won an Oscar too.

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Love the movie. Always try to watch some of it. Perfect casting and acting. Every role is perfect!


Always try to hear Travis Tritt's great opening song...esp. the piano.

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Every scene in that movie is funny.

Oh yeah, you blend, LOL

Talking about cooking grits during the courtroom scene, because no self respecting southerner would cook quick grits


And living in Alabama, we get a lot of mileage out of "you're in Ala....fkg....bama!"


There are a few scenes on YouTube, sometimes when I need a good laugh, I look one up.