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Mount Fuji Truth - NHK Network

For anyone interested in Japan's Mount Fuji this new show will be tonight at 11:10 p.m. It looks like it will be on 30 minutes.




We have xfinity, and we get the NHK Network. 



Mount Fuji is beautiful. I could see it most mornings, unless it was covered in clouds, from my bedroom window. One of my biggest regrets was not climbing it. I had friends who did. I was young and a swimmer, so I probably could have done it.



There are some beautiful "time lapse" scenes on this network, set to calming music. If you want a peaceful, serene feeling, try one of them!  Smiley Happy


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Re: Mount Fuji Truth - NHK Network

Thank you, @beach-mom, for the notice!


We love watching all sorts of stories on NHK World Japan! Mt. Fuji is spectacular any time of year. Japan is one of our favorite places to visit. 💕 You are so lucky that you lived there.

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Re: Mount Fuji Truth - NHK Network

I've been by it on the train but have to believe it was there, behind all those clouds.