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Watching the recording right now, its great but how many times are they going to sing My Girl

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@Pearlee wrote:

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I completely agree, turned it off after the first hour.

The current talent can't hold a candle to those original Motown artists.


Smokey was very good.    Diana Ross made me uncomfortable, can't she just perform?   All that silly stuff with Barry Gordy was creepy.

I love Stevie, he is a treasure.  Thelma Houston did a great job on her song and she looks incredible.   I don't get John Legend's talent, JLo thought she was at a strip club.   


@Pearlee wrote:

I absolutely love Motown music, so I was somewhat disapointed in this particular show about it.  And OMG - "Little" Stevie Wonder has definitely aged (well, so have I; I remember when he was "Little" Stevie Wonder but he still sounds great - seeing him made me feel old though).


Much as I like Stevie, there was a bit too much of him (esp. when the camera kept cutting to him - whom we'd already seen quite a bit of - during the In Memoriam - I felt like I was missing the photos of those who had died).  I do wish more  Motown performers had performed, and performed hits in their entirety because I love almost all Motown songs.  I was disappointed that D. Ross didn't sing songs from the Supremes (although yes, I realize there were bad feelings among the group members).  And Lopez had too much time - I would rather had had the current groups who perform Four Tops and Temptations hits peform (there is one original member left from each of those groups, and those groups were in my town not too long ago so I know they still exist and perform).  And I agree with @stevieb    there was too much audience participation. I would rather have heard whole numbers rather than that gig where audience members finished the four bars that people recognize.  I liked the 25th Motown anniversary better.



@software   Glad you agreed with me. But if you turned it off after the first hour, how were you able to comment on Diana Ross's performance?  She was on last! 

I  went back to CBS after I finished what I was watching and did see her sing to Barry Gordy, and yes that was the end, he signed off the program.