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Re: MotherFatherSon

I just saw that when I was looking for something to watch.  I didn't want to start another series today  because if something is really good, I tend to binge watch and I didn't want to spend hours watching tv on such a gorgeous day.  But, I'll start watching it next week.  

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Re: MotherFatherSon

@wildflowers wrote:


@iMW ....Oh my goodness....Yes, and the ending scene where he marched into the factory and literally swept Debra Winger off her feet!...I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have played that scene over and over and over.Woman Very Happy


Can I tell you a secret and promise you won't tell anyone?...Shhhh!


I had my husband recreate that scene with me but, much to my dismay,  it didn't go as smoothly as it did in the  Woman LOL


Got a good laugh out of your reply about you and your hubby and it not going so smooth..

I could only picture myself and hubby doing it..  Woman LOL

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