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@Mz iMac wrote:

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He's claiming to be broke now.

@Wsmom  Before the lawsuit he was worth $264 million dollars.

The day after the lawsuit was filed==> Oops.gifI'm broke.


He:  "Honey what's the acct # of OUR off shore account again?"

I was thinking the same thing. I'm sure he's still rather wealthy in the Cayman Islands.

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@Mz iMac , Exactly!

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I do recall reading about him being at a New Years Eve party with another woman 2 years ago. This may mean nothing but it's odd. However I'm suspicous that they are both up to no good with whatever is going on with their financial situation.

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This is the 'other woman' (before the posts were taken down), see any resemblance?


Tricia Bigelow currently leads the Second District Court of Appeal, Division Eight


A crusading California lawyer, famed for his involvement in the Erin Brockovitch case, has been accused by his estranged reality TV-star wife of having an affair with a federal judge.


Tom Girardi, 81, is in the midst of a bruising divorce with pop singer Erika Jayne, 49, who he married in 2000, having met when she was a waitress at his club.


On Friday, Jayne posted on Instagram accusations that Giraldi had been having a months-long affair with Justice Tricia A. Bigelow, a former deputy attorney general for California who has presided over the Second District Court of Appeal, Division Eight since February 2010.


Crusading Californian super lawyer who helped Erin Brockovich accused of affair with judge | Daily M...

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Re: More on Erika Jayne

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IMO if he's been having affairs she's probably known and didn't care as long as she was living the lifestyle she was and he was financing it. Plus he probably wasn't bothering her for s** as long as he was getting what he needed elsewhere which was again imo fine and dandy with her. Ahhh, but now comes this lawsuit and she's seeing things differently now in regards to his $$$ which was his major (if not only) attraction and why she stayed with him.


Just saying. Again, just imo.

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i have no doubt that she is trying to divorce him due to the financial issues that have exploded (which she could easily have know about.) i have no doubt that she was with him for money and friendship, and that intimacy or extra marital affairs did not matter. this "scandal" sounds like it could be as big as the giudice scandal from RHONJ.


she hid her private life very well......and she used to bother other housewives that they did not reveal enough of their lives......hypocritical to say the least.

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