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Came across a movie on Netflix last night, Flamin' Hot.  We watched it because Tony Shaloub was in it.  I like Tony Shaloub.  Enjoyed him in Monk and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.  Though his part in Flamin' Hot was smaller than I'd hoped.  But then Googled searched and found out that the original cast of Monk will be doing Monk:  The Movie and will be on Peacock.

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I've ejoyed the few shows I've view - "Monk".  I do hope Sharonna and Stottlemeyer ae also featured in the movie.  

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Interesting, I wonder what it will be about?  My sister and I love that show.  We can see the repeats on Cozi T V.

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He was hilarious in Mrs Maisel.  He was the main reason I watched it.

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Re: Monk: The Movie

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Mr. Monk's Last Case will center around his stepdaughter Molly before her wedding.

I put the plot in Spoiler so nobody hollers. 🤪


@TerryNJ Here is the plot. (I didn't mean you would holler. We have Spoiler Police around here🤣)

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Re: Monk: The Movie

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I thought that was one of the best series on TV. I try to catch the reruns. His character was really good and funny. Too bad many of the good shows have disappeared.

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Omigosh - I just saw this post and it makes me so happy to hear! However, they left it so positively, with him finding Trudy’s daughter and finding some happiness there, that I hope they don’t forget his progress.

The finale of Psych (the TV show; can’t remember what happened in the subsequent movies) implied that their chief of police took over in San Fran and that Monk was working for her (there was a comment about some consultant organizing the spice rack or something like that). Would be interesting if there would be a small crossover or if it will be forgotten.
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I watch all the reruns.  But did not like the MOVIE.

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Not sure how they can revive the series since most of the characters have moved on.  Only one left would be Monk himself.  I have finished watching all the reruns.  And I am also watching all the Numbers.  


They do not make programs like these anymore.  I rarely watch TV.  

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@bonnielu wrote:

I watch all the reruns.  But did not like the MOVIE.

I agree. I thought I would love the movie since there hasn't been any Monk episodes in many years. We watched it a few days ago and it wasn't as good or as funny.