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How they left the Adam story was upsetting.   Why do that?    It should have ended on a positive note, not that.

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I totally agree that it should have been an hour show. They spent too much time on the "new" mother & daughter characters. The time should have been spent on Adam's diagnosis and Jill's marriage. And poor Wendy never got a rec!!! 



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The episode made perfect sense with the new characters -   it came full circle - but it felt sooooo rushed.  I thought at 9:20 that it was definitely going to be an hour show when I realized it was not.  Too many loose ends.  How sad that this was their way of saying good bye.  I'm shocked the writers didn't come up with a better send off.

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I've always loved this show but it just wasn't the same since Anna Faris left. Her character could be annoying but she and Allison Janney were the heart of the show and they played well off each other. Yes, the rest of the cast are very talented but not enough to fill the void when Faris left.


I didn't even watch all the episodes this year. I caught a few here and there and didn't find the show to be funny. I did watch the finale because ... well, because it was the finale. I wanted to see how they would end it. The episode itself was fine, but I hated how they left things with Adam up in the air. 

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@sarahpanda wrote:

@chiclet ....What?  It was your fault it was cancelled?  Confused.








She was being facetious. What she ment was that every time she likes a show, it gets cancelled. 




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@Mindy D wrote:

I'm sad to see the show go. It's still very funny and it has not lost its momentum without Faris. 


ITA with this.   I haven't seen the new episode yet but, watching last week, I really started to feel bad about it going away.    It hasn't missed a beat.   I like Faris fine, but the show has still been as good IMO.

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Like many of you, I was very disappointed with the finale.   I hated the way they left the story of Adam dealing with lung cancer.  I understand the reason was to show that Bonnie had progressed and had stopped focusing only on herself but was it necessary to end it that way?   


While I would love to see a few of the other actors move on to a new version of this show, I just don't think any of them are strong enough to carry it alone.  It was the entire ensemble that made this whole show.  


The character who plays Jill's new husband briefly left the show and tried a new sitcom but I don't believe it even lasted more than a few shows before it was cancelled.


I read an article that stated that Allison Janney was shocked when she was told the show was cancelled.  I think the cancellation announcement just came out of the blue for the cast.  


While I know many people thought the show changed when Anna Faris left but I really didn't miss her character much at all.   


I think the show had the potential to go on for at least another season.  They could have focused on Andy and Jill new marriage.  I think they could done have a little more with Marjorie's relationship with her son and grandchild..  Although the tall blonde wasn't a real favorite of mine, they could have shown  more about the new business venture she and Bonnie had started.  


I just feel the ending of this show left a lot to be desired. 

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I too think it easily could have been an hour, but I think it was great just the same. Adam’s lung cancer was sad to see but typical of this show. You never know what’s around the corner and it didn’t need to be resolved - the audience was left with the knowledge that Bonnie is now strong enough to handle it without drinking. She has grown so much and has such a loving strong support system. But Jill got a nice happily ever after ( I was glad they made her past the first trimester so it looks like it will be a successful pregnancy.)
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I would have liked to see a hour finale.  The 2nd half hour could have move about 5 months into the future to show Jill giving birth because being a mother was such intergal part of her storyline and how Adam progressed with his treatment.  Closure would have been nice.  Perhaps Chuck Lorre etal will grace with a spin off.

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Hoping maybe another network picks up the show.   Who knows.  


It would be a shame that this show and it's important lessons and information is left in the cold.   I was inspired by so many of the shows.  I'm not in AA, but just some of its simple wisdom has guided me.


You know a show is a classic when you can watch the episodes over and over and not get tired of it and still laugh out loud.   I know "Mom" is on reruns, but I'm sad there won't be any new shows to inspire us.