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I forgot when that is returning , sometime in June. They're showing all the old shows.   Anybody remember when the new season finally starts?

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June 16

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thank youSmiley Happy


like @SharkE   i couldn't remember the date either.

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WOW! that's a Tues. Guess thurs. is out !


Thanks !

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Hooray!!  This is one of my fav Bravo shows.


Happy to see Fredrik make some cameo appearances.

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I'd never seen this before and watching it now-very interesting!

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thanks to the gal who told me it was on Tues now I managed to get the last 2 wks. shows that was in repeat, so, now I got to catch up and make sure I remember or set the Tivo for Tues now.


For cat sake put the show in the same **** time slot. sheesh