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Million Dollar Listing - New York

Starting on Thursday, May 6, 2021, the new season of MDLNY will be back. I am more invested in the Los Angeles group, but did some binge watching of the New York gang and I will be interested in watching it when it comes back to Bravo.


Here is what TV Guide says about it:


The real-estate reality show's first-ever female agent angles for a slice of the Big Apple pie. Powerhouse broker Kirsten Jordan wows fellow agents like Ryan Serhant (who opens his own firm this season). He caller her "touch as nails!"

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Re: Million Dollar Listing - New York

I thought Ryan was already running his own Real Estate company.  Regardless, I'm excited to see what he's done with the Brooklyn townhome he and his wife bought and how he has adjusted to life in Brooklyn.  I wonder if he still owns a pad in Manhattan, just in case.


imo Fredrik is the star attraction here.  Let's all do a dinosaur kick - wwweeeeee


I like Steve and look forward to seeing what he's up to.  He's a Daddy now as well.  Wonder if he is still with the baby mama? 


A female agent will be fun.  I like Tracey on the LA show and felt she was a good addition to the guys.  She can hold her own as well.


Looking forward to this new season.  Love seeing the newest in finishes and the architecture of the high rises.  How the apartments are staged with fine furnishings and art and of course, watching the agents sweat over gettting the listing and sale.  Woman Very Happy

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Re: Million Dollar Listing - New York

I'm looking forward to watching it again.

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