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I saw his new commercial..and had to laugh at him in the garage and that car coming at!

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Re: Mayhem is back

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I've noticed him lately!  I've been a fan since he was one of the main characters in 'Oz'.


His brother was also in 'Oz' for a short while.

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Well casted. He's great.

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Add me to his list of fans! My favorite ad had him channeling a teen girl while driving: "OMG, Becky!" He's adorable.

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I just saw the garage commercial.  Too funny!   I'm glad this guy gets lots of work, as he's a pleasure to watch and when he's being funny it's just great.

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There's a YT compilation vid with a lot of the mayhem commercials...hilarious!Woman LOL

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I love Mayhem, too. I'm glad the commercials are back. In SVU was he the guy from Narcotics that was undercover and didn't he turn on Liv for some reason?


Off topic, on the last SVU did anyone else see the spark between the DA & Liv when he showed up to welcome Noah back home? I really like him and he has been a good friend to Benson.