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Masterpiece Theater

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On Netflix/Amazon, I've come to realize how much I enjoy the shows that are Masterpiece Theater shows.  I never managed to catch them before.  So now I will be on the lookout for that group!! 


Just a heads up, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, is on now.  I'm going after these now.


Have others seen these?  If so did you have a favorite?

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I, Claudius big series ever was. All actors top notch.

John Hurt was the best ! 

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Finished many seasons on Netflix of Death in Paradise...LOVED it!


Now enjoying over 100 episodes of Midsomer Murders.


Also one of my all time favorite series: Offspring.  It's Australian and on Netflix.



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Currently hooked on Poldark - Masterpiece Theatre, but I was torn because the World Series was on at the same time Sunday night and I am alllll over that! So I channel flipped until Poldark was over and got the jist of the story. Love me some Ross Poldark - tee hee hee!  Masterpiece really has some good ones, I agree!

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Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren

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Love "The Durrells of Corfu". I have even ordered the trilogy to read about this family. 

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I have watched every series since the beginning of Masterpiece Theater.  I Claudius was sensational.  At Masterpiece's 25th anniversary, they showed I Claudius again - superb series.  All of the Prime Suspect series with Helen Mirren were also wonderful.


I went to a luncheon about two years ago.  The guest speaker was Rebecca Eaton the Executive Producer of Masterpiece Theater.  Someone asked her who her two favorite actors were that have appeared in Masterpiece productions. She did not hesitate to say they were Helen Mirren and Kenneth Branagh.  She said that Masterpiece did not always enjoy the success like the Downton Abbey era.  She said when Masterpiece had low ratings Kenneth Branagh and Helen Mirren both saved the day.  Helen Mirren did Prime Suspect which won countless emmy's during the 7 season run.  Kenneth Branagh did several seasons of of Wallander which also won Emmy's.  Both series resuscitated the ratings as well as popularity of Masterpiece Theater.  She is very grateful to both of them for saving the day.

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I recently watched Lilies and Doctor Foster, both superb movies on Masterpiece.