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Anyone watching tonight? I guessed two out of three of the finalists last week, The Foxx and The Flamingo and had no idea who the third finalist would be but was pulling for The Leopard. I think that both The Foxx and The Flamingo had my heart because of their holiday themed songs. I had guessed that The Leopard was Seal but thought his choice of "Hey Big Spender" while done well was a bit of an odd choice to sing.


I have absolutely no idea who will win tonight but just wanted to say that I love this show and it's such a much needed break from all the super sad and serious stuff in the media these days.

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Yay!!!!!It's coming back! I love this show. The finale was really good, and Wow! Whoever did the guessing on this board is good.......I guess I don't know Adrienne, but what a beautiful voice she has, she needs to be in a recording studio.....Chris Daughtry seems so nice and likeable, and Wayne Brady-Wow! Very handsome, and oh so talented, he too needs to be in a recording studio.....This was a great season, and looking forward to Feb 2020!

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I wanted The Rottweiler ( Chris Daughtry) to win. Hearing him sing reminded me how he was robbed on American Idol ( I think he came in fourth). I would like this show better if it were live and we the viewing audience got the opportunity to vote.

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This was a fun season. The final 3 were all good. I had guessed correctly Wayne Brady and Chris Daughtry. I didn't have a clue on the Flamingo and even when she was revealed I didn't recognize her. Wayne Brady is such a great over all entertainer. He is great host on Let's Make a Deal. It was very sweet how touched he was to win it all. All 3 of the finale really seemed to get a lot out of the show and enjoyed it. It was a fun, positive show to watch. I look forward to the Spring return of the show.