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Re: Martha Stewart interviewed tonight

@Lucylu12 wrote:

I watched and thoroughly enjoyed it. She is one talented and smart lady. Love the show Objectifed☺️

I’m really enjoying it, too. I missed the first two episodes but finally caught on and have it set to record every week. I like that the people are interviewed in their homes and we get to see different areas. 

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Re: Martha Stewart interviewed tonight

I found the prison Nativity set to be MOST interesting!


Why? Because when we were very young, our mom was hospitalized for severe depression. That was back when shock treatments were the norm.


During our mom's hospitalization, she made the most glorious nativity set...and it is very similar, if not exactly the same as Martha's prison set.

The set is now mine. 


After mom was released, she eventually contacted the hospital and asked if she could purchase another set.

That one now happily resides with my niece. 


Anyway, I was SO disappointed when Martha didn't finish a thought that she was in the middle of!

She'd said something like she'd contacted the prison after her release to ask them about the molds, because she thought they'd sell well.

But then, the subject changed.  Smiley Sad

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