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Just read that Mama June's daughter Anna Cardwell (Chickadee) has passed away from Cancer. So Sad.

You can read on 

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Really sad. Just 29 years old. 

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Very sad and she left behind 2 little girls.

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Too young, so sad,

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Oh my goodness I sure hate to hear about her passing. I remember at the end of last season's final episode they'd just disclosed the diagnosis. Being so young,  I was hopeful doctors may be able to help.

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Cancer is so cruel.


She was lovely young lady. RIP


Remembering Anna 'Chickadee' Cardwell

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Gosh - how awful.  Such a pretty girl.  RIP.

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She was a pretty young lady!!!😐 I pray for a cure of ALL forms of this insidious disease,  and for God to surround her family with his loving arms of SOLACE today, as they process their UNIMAGINABLE grief during this holiday season!!!🙏🙏❤❤



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I read this today on People. Sad.

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I saw this today also and was stunned.  I wasn't aware of this daughter, it is very sad. Cat Sad