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MTM: Historic Reunion Coming to HOT IN CLEVELAND

Details of a reunion featuring the women of the THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW are especially significant given the recent devastating news of Valerie Harper's health crisis.

mary tyler moore reunion

The ladies of The Mary Tyler Moore Show are coming together for a special episode of Hot in Cleveland on TV Land.

This will be the first time that Mary Tyler Moore, Valerie Harper, Cloris Leachman, Georgia Engel, and Betty White have been on the same sitcom since MTM said goodbye in 1977. What’s more, it will be the first time that they’ve all acted together in the same scene. That never happened on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

According to Deadline, the special episode of Hot in Cleveland will film on April 5th. Elka (White) and Mamie Sue (Engel, who’s been recurring) decide to reunite their bowling team, named GLOB; The Gorgeous Ladies of Bowling.

Apparently the five women had a falling-out after their championship season went to their heads. They reunite with former team members Diane (Moore), Peg (Leachman), and Angie (Harper).

The reunion news follows Harper’s announcement that she has terminal brain cancer and doesn’t have long to live.

Hot in Cleveland has just been renewed for a fifth season of 24 episodes. The rest of the fourth season episodes (including the MTM reunion) will start airing on June 19th on TV Land.