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I liked it even better without anna, they focused more on other of the characters. I will miss the show.

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Based on the last two episodes, it seems like there may be a spin off for Rainn Wilson who plays Bonnie's therapist.  The character has been featured more and has been given a back story.

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I am hearing that there is a petition to keep it on.  I enjoy this show.

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Re: MOM will be ending

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I'm sad to see it end.  It brought me so much laughter when I needed to just escape things.


Loved the cast and the writing was exceptional.


I hope Anna Feris comes back for the finale.  

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I like this show a lot, I think they did the best they could after losing the lead but I think it's still a fun show. I will miss it for sure. 

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@CherryHugs wrote:

Mom is ending  after this season. I do like the show and it was still good even after

Anna Faris left. They are always cancelling good shows!

I agree, I watched last night and I feel that they have found their footing after Anna left.  I am hoping that some kind of way it will show up on another channel.  It is really a good show.

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Re: MOM will be ending

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I don't think Christy leaving necessarily had to spell the end of this show, but, to me, the writing really floundered when the character left. The few episodes I watched after her departure always seemed to be trying too hard, but never quite making it. The show simply was no longer funny, which surprised me because I never felt that the Christy character leaving couldn't be compensated for, given the remaining cast and characters, particularly the AA ladies who, to me, made the show. Somehow, though, for me, the show tanked. The 'humor' seemed forced and was largely unfunny and the laugh track, previously completely unnecessary, was obnoxious. Perhaps, as some have said, it finally found a new equilibrium, but if it did, I guess I didn't see it.

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