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@Shelbelle wrote:

That was Jean Simmons as Sarah and Vivian Blaine as Adelaide. She was the original Adelaide on Broadway. 

I am assuing there was rivalry between Sinatra and Brando. 

@Shelbelle   As @jellyBEAN   stated, Frank M. the host explained the bad relations between Brando and Sinatra during filming of Guys and Dolls (which I'd never known before).  Sinatra had wanted the part Brando got in On the Waterfront, so he already had a grudge against Brando.  Then, Sinatra badly wanted the part of Sky Masterson in G&D but it went to Brando.  Sinatra greatly resented Brando throughout the filming and called him "mumbles" and ridiculed method acting.   And yes, Brando purposely made Sinatra do take after take of the cheesecake scene.  It's a credit to their acting that I couldn't detect any of these bad feelings from the film.  


I still love the film and watched it again last night (til late!)  I'd forgotten how much I didn't like all the Adelaide numbers.  I think they could have cut a couple of those.

It tells you how old the film is (1955) that they went to Cuba for a little jaunt, before Americans couldn't go any more.