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I've found that if you google the name of the show and the words "season finale" (if that's the episode you don't understand) you will find a number of articles where it's discussed and explained.  There are even video clips of the actors/and or the show creators discussing what happened and why.  For example I learned that they kept the stabbing at the end a secret from the rest of the cast until they had to know.  (I used to google every episode of Game of Thrones to understand exactly what was going on lol.)

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@shoesnbags @Thanks.  I don't know why I didn't think of that.


I google just about everything else.


Thanks again.  I will do that.


Havea nice weekend💁

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I'm still watching even though it's seems to get crazier and crazier. Still, I prefer these kinds of sci-fI and fantasy shows over anything too "realistic".  I wasn't crazy about the Noah's ark storyline, but I did like the 2 hour season finale. Hope it gets renewed for Season 4. 

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I finished watching the season finale last night.  I am glad to hear that the show is renewed.  They really stepped it for the last two hours.  Like @wilma , I didn't like the Noah story line because there are people that don't know their Bible and I would hate for them to think that Noah had the power to call out the flood to destroy evil man.  Also the scripture cited was used in the wrong meaning.


Anyway, I want to know if Mick and Jarrod will get together since her husband could "read" their feelings.  Also, the leap into the future with the older Cal going to his mother when she was stabbed.  This is future so maybe they will try to "change" that from happening. I don't think that the girl that took the baby stabbed her because it was future.  Now, is Vance linked with the bad guy that kidnapped Jarrod?  I forgot that whole storyline.  Anyone remember?  


I am enjoying this show.  There doesn't seem to be any political agenda (I did hear one thing about caging the people crossing the borders) or social issues.  REFRESHING!!


All in all I am glad I didn't give up on this show when it was losing steam.  Maybe they got new writers???

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They lost me a long time ago, just like LOST did. My husband still watches. I thought it wasn't being renewed.

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I read this morning that it is not renewed. Such a bummer for those of us who have watched from the start.and, of course, it didn't really end so we don't know any answers. Ugh

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MANIFEST CANCELED. According to After 3 seasons it got canceled.  We loved that show from the beginning.  Doggonit.  

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Producers are actively seeking a new home since the creators had plotted out a 6 season run.


Netflix is a likely spot.