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Re: Lynne Mischele posted her sorrow for the loss of Anne Heche

@cody2 wrote:
I read her statement online. She basically expressed her sadness at hearing that Anne had passed. She sent her love and sorrow to Anne's sons, family and friends, her heart going out to them. And THEN I read the comments posted. Shocking to me. They said that she just made the statement to call more attention to her Go Fund Me page. That she would probably do a movie about it and want to star in it. The majority accused her of being responsible for her loss if she didn't have renter's insurance. And then if she DID have insurance that now she is on a money grab because she would have the insurance money, the Go fund Me money AND the cash from Anne's estate. Their bottom line was that, yeah, sorry Anne died, but that next she will just turn around and sue Anne's estate. What on earth is wrong with people. They think she is better off after the tragedy then she was before. Unbelievable. Sad. There are no winners in this case. I apologize that I don't know how to do paragraphs here. Smiley Sad

Good for her!  She was the target of Anne Heches wanton disregard for ANYONE'S LIFE when she sped down a (residential) street.


So what if the woman wants to be compensated for the tragedy of her losing her belongings and barely getting out alive along with her pets.