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I can't wait for the new season that starts tomorrow !!



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@pattypea, thanks for the reminder 

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I love this show. I think it's really cute and funny. It's different from a lot of the other TV series. Plus Luci is pretty easy on the eyes. LOL

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I love this show....he is devilishly handsome and it's just fun not to be taken seriously....but, I'd follow him straight to he**.   I love his relationship with his shrink....

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Yes, I could use some eye candy of Tom Ellis ( and Lesley-Ann Brandt) about now. 

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I've been counting down the days! haha  Can't wait to see what happens this season now that Lucifer has his wings.  I just rewatched the finale to refresh my memory of what had happened. Didn't get to see it all last season.