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Re: Lori Loughlin Moving to Idaho

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@World Traveler   I thought she was on Garage Sale Mysteries on HMM.


@KatieB Oh, I think you are right! Haven't seen those in a while.

@World Traveler @Yes she was in those and had a bigger connection to them too, producer or something like that. I loved those mysteries --- my favorites on HMM.  But I don't want her back and don't think HLM should tarnish its squeaky clean image by hiring her back.

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Re: Lori Loughlin Moving to Idaho

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@Pearlee  Unless she had some controlling interest in the Garage Sale Mysteries, it might be sort of telling that Hallmark didn't choose to continue them and recast her role. I sincerely hope they don't bring her back but do wonder. I'm not a big Hallmark fan anyway, but should they capitulate, I will not watch anything she's in. That's not exclusively because of her recent fall from grace. I've never cared for her and now like her even less. To me, this has nothing to do with 'second chances'. She appears to have done everything in her power to avoid admitting wrong doing. She skirted by with a minimal sentence and, as noted earlier, the entire debacle was built on one lie after another. I don't think she's earned a second chance and even had she done so, I don't like her as a person and I simply don't like her as an actress.

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Re: Lori Loughlin Moving to Idaho

Second chances isn't about restarting her acting career. 


Second chances is about letting this go now.  Whether we agree or not regarding her sentence doesn't matter anymore.


It happened and now it's over.  The lesson here is not just for the parents who cheat for their children but also for these universities who look the other way.


She did her time; we don't know what she learned from all of this.  Now her second chance is about living a truthful life and mending her marriage and her relationship with her children.


Perhaps she will do some good in the future,  Perhaps not.  Whatever takes place is on her, not to be decided by anyone else.


If one cannot stand her, move on.  Her life is not yours and matters not to you (Generic you although I shouldn't have to explain that concept.)


I think most people would like a second chance to make amends.


Remember-she ultimately hurt herself, too.

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