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Re: Looking At the Show's I have DVR'd...Says Something About My Brain!

Annabellethecat, the saved items showing a theme are INDEED telling. 


Many years ago I too discovered something about themed saves in the DVR....that my teen step daughter was preggers. 

Every show she had "taped" revolved around the theme of "didn't know I was pregnant'....'teen moms'....'pregnant and alone'  etc....

I told my husband I think he needs to have a sit down with her, he scoffed, she ended up coming clean so-to-speak and confssing to her dad about a week later. 

Sadly there wasn't a beautiful new addition, God had other plans I guess. 


I say - what we save tells alot about who we are, how we are, and what we're interested in - FOR SURE!


Your post made me recall our situation as I chuckled at yours.