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Re: Little People Big World tonight



I agree with you totaly about Chris....he did plant the idea for Amy to build a new house....I don't trust him as far as i could through him!


I fear he has a very dark side not shown yet...maybe abusing, 


plus words that i'm unable to type for correct spelling...ok..maybe over bearing,

"controling".. i is the word  i am trying to describe about him!


Again..i think that Amy or Matt  will ever figure out what to do with the property and it will never be decided and will remain  undecided....but i could be wrong.


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Re: Little People Big World tonight

@kelsey17 wrote:

I watched this show years back.....stopped watching for a couple years.....started watching again this year.....i feel sorry for Matt................not a fan of Amy..........i remember the show years back when they were separating and she INSISTED on keeping the big house and letting him go to the small DW house.........she was not about to give up the big house....................she made her choice years back....


     I was thinking the same thing!  I remember when she made such a big deal about keeping the 'big' house!! There is somethng about Amy that I don't like....

     I also watched this show for several years, but lost interest as the arguments got longer and louder.  I do still check in just to see where they are on decisions - not much movement made in that area!!

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Re: Little People Big World tonight

Amy friend acts like a silly teenager.Still wonder way a man as his age never found a mate or marriage.There is something I doubt about him.

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Re: Little People Big World tonight

Omg I SO agree with you!


Victim Amy is getting on my Last Nerve.

So self absorbed. I didn't realize how little she contributed to 

The Farm as a business.  


I know, I know, the kids, the kids! But when they were all in Jr./high school, couldn't she have tried to learn more? Now she's all helpless, but fully taking advantage of what Matt built up.


There would be No Farm without Matt. I totally admire his drive, work ethic, etc. especially against such Huge odds.


All his kids seem to love him, which says a lot.


I couldn't believe how uncaring Amy was after Matts surgery.

Big deal.....she gave him the bed. Yet she

thought she was being so generous. A bit too self congratulatory.


And Amy IS indecisive and it IS a drag for Matt.

One day she likes day she likes that.

She has the "best" part of The Farm that Matt Built, yet whines about 

it.  She doesn't want Matt to "get over" on her, which I see no indication that 

he has tried to "take advantage" of her.

If anything, Amy is the greedy one. 


Im just tired of hearing Victim Amy.

I respect Matt totally.

Its Amy who constantly talks about "getting out there", "discovering herself"

and all that shat.

Meanwhile, on The Farm, Matt doesn't have time to self indulge,

Hes trying to keep the business alive and has bigger problems than 

when to throw another party,


I feel sad that Carmine got deported. I can't believe that TLC lawyers couldn't have stepped in, somehow.  After 15-years he is suddenly 

some kind of threat?

I had tears in my eyes when Matt said, "don't go!"


OTOH, Amy was very cold towards Carmine. I'd never seen Carmine until

these recent shows , because I only started watching it.

But the whole family knowing he's leaving, yet No "going away" gathering, 

or any thing? 

If Matt had not just had an operation, he would have had an event in honor of Carmine. A special dinner.....some recognition of his service.

 Not Amy.


The kids say they love the Farm, it gave them a great childhood and a good income...

but seem willing to let it go.


Im truly astounded.

The value (in both heritage and cash) is priceless.


Matt n Amy should hire a manager to run the whole thing until Zachary 

or Jeremy realizes that they eventually will need to get Real Jobs.


Its not their fault..they were raised with a TV show paying their bills.


As for Chris...something is "off" with him. I agree that he saw a 

Big Opportunity to join Little People....


Anyway,  I'm hoping Matt gets a chance to enjoy the next few years, while he continues to keep The Farm going. 

Meanwhile, Amy will continue to self indulge and navel gaze.








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Re: Little People Big World tonight

I would love that beautiful house. She won't know what she had till it's all gone. They act all crazy lately. I would love all that room. They make enough to have a self run farm if they play their cards right.

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Re: Little People Big World tonight

I think it's too much. A dog and a baby , one at a time. The baby is kind of wobbly and does't need to be knocked down by that big dog. Made me nervous watching.

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Re: Little People Big World tonight

I hope they don't get married again. Too much conflict will kill these relationships, also Marriage is very challenging and I don't think either is ready for that again. Have fun and don't even live together..

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Re: Little People Big World tonight

Matt couldn't function in that house with all those steps.

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Re: Little People Big World tonight

@becca lou wrote:

And what is Amy  thinking ? Matt can barely walk, and surely can't climb stairs. I never seen him climb stairs when he did live in the Farm House. He keeps saying all this wouldn't be fair to Caryn. What ?? And said Matt can barely walk , his legs never touch the ground. I can't understand how he can even drive. And what  was that remark he made to Caryn about his bacon she cooked. She just said well I'll remeber next time. She was nice enough to cook for him and he was soumded like he was complaining to  about her nwo. Go Away somewhere Matt !! And that beard makes him look meaner.

Becca lou, good point, I never thought of that.  It would be hard for Matt to get around with those stairs.  That was weird aout the bacon.  Matt seems kind of difficult to deal with.

At some point Jeremy and Zach showed an interest in keeping the farm then I guess they realized how much work it would be to work it.  I know Tori is a pre school teacher or at least she use to be.  Zach should be doing good.  He has been on that show since middle school I think.  Not sure what Jeremy's wife does.  However Jeremy should have some money becuase he was also in middle school when I started watching.  

Amy needs to pay more attention to how Chris treats her and she needs to stand up for herself.  She just laughs it off whatever he does.  Not sure why her friends are not concerned about his behavior sometimes.  .  


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Re: Little People Big World tonight

@colliemom4 wrote:

@three cees  I think they're really reaching for storylines. I wonder how much longer this show can stay on the air? It's getting old fast.

I find this to be true of all reality shows that have been on for years.  I've read articles from some of the ppl who have been on one of the music competition shows like American Idol, Voice, etc, and all house hunting or reno shows. 


Many said that the producers create a lot of the drama you see to spice up the show and between that and the editing done it appears to make the ppl really high maintenance and picky - and downright unlikeable.