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@NYCLatinaMeSometimes we're too young to know and sometimes we're too old.


I was a Ronstadt fan years ago and she was a big deal.


Now I'm on the other end of the age continum -  I doubt I can list 5 current singers that are big deals ---  and definitely not 5 that are big deals to me personally.

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She had a beautiful voice, I was a huge fan.

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She could sing anything. Her "What's New" album with Nelson Riddle was one of her best. 

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Linda is truly the queen - amazing voice and huge talent!  Bonnie is another favorite and right on in what she says about Linda.  So sad that she is in poor health.

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Beautiful voice. Definitely one of a kind sound. 

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@Ruby Laine wrote:

She could sing anything. Her "What's New" album with Nelson Riddle was one of her best. 

I must have played that entire album 1 million times!!  Loved it.


On my Cox Cable I have a station that plays her (and her contemporaries of American standards music) that I exercise to each day.  I just listened to her sing "what's new" this morning.  Loved every minute!!

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6EF86197-7148-46DA-816E-852120E7CAF2.jpeg Feivel..."Somewhere, Out There."


Not as well known: "Shattered"





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@NYCLatinaMe , loved Linda Ronstadt and still do.  She had a huge following.  LM

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Re: Linda Ronstadt

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I have to give her a lot of credit for getting as popular as she was. She was an unknown Latina woman singing in a male-dominated music industry.  That must have been some battle.

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My husband just borrowed the DVD from the library today.