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So just wonering what you think about Linda Ronstadt.  I thought she was fine, but I was not a fan.  Maybe she was before my time.  CNN has been relentlessly promoting a documentary about her, where Bonnie Raitt refers to her as the Beyonce of her time, and she is referred to as the queen of rock'n roll.  This sounds crazy to me.  I have never heard of her referred to in this way, and never thought she was that big a star.  But maybe that's just me, maybe I was too young.  What do you think?

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She was the queen of her time, in my opinion. Fabulous voice, fabulous talent. 

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I saw Linda Ronstadt in the early 70"s. She had the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. I don't think anyone today can compare. No fancy dancing or showy stuff. Just a pure beautiful voice.

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I learned of her political activism with this promotion of 

the CNN documentary.  Just made me love her more! 

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Recently watched the tribute to her on the Kennedy Center special.  I've liked her since she was with the Stone Pony's.  Great voice and decent human being.  Too bad her physical problems have curtailed her career.  

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I remember that she was dating (or living with) Governor Jerry Brown when he was (first time) Governor of CA.  She had a glorious voice; don't think she performs anymore (she has Parkinson's).

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@gidgetgh wrote:

She was the queen of her time, in my opinion. Fabulous voice, fabulous talent. 

@gidgetgh   You stated better than I could have. She was the queen of her time.

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Re: Linda Ronstadt

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She was the highest earning female solo rock/pop star in the '70s; the first female solo artist to play to sold-out crowds in large arenas.


I only saw her once; when she was the opening act for Neil Young right after she left the Stone Poneys (yes it is spelled that way).


For her time, voice range, and ability to move successfully through various musical genres, I would give her major credit as a queen for that time period.



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Re: Linda Ronstadt

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Linda Ronstadt had a particular sound that made her more than just a rock or pop star.  She also injected a touch of the sound of folk music into her work, something that made her even more appealing to my just-missed-being-a-boomer generartion. 


Those who were a few years older than me initiated the interest in folk music and it grew.  When Linda Ronstadt had a bit of that sound in some of her tunes, she became even more treasured by us.


Add to that her forays into other sounds, and yes indeed, you had a super star.  Plus, way back when Jerry Brown was Governor of California for the first time, she was his main squeeze (or so it was rumored).  He was a very popular political figure back then, and Ronstadt was a music star. They were a couple that appealed to the imagination. 


(I just read Patbz' post and see that she mentioned the love affair with Governor Jerry Brown.) 


**I cannot forget that Linda R. had this unmistabkably independent spirit about her that spoke to the women who were gaining a greater sense of self during her heyday.  You got the idea that she was her own woman and would love someone on her terms only.  Jerry Brown seemed the perfect match.

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Linda is one of the greatest voices in Rock & Roll history. She could sing anything! While her talent gave her celebrity status, she didn’t use that platform to turn into a diva, but rather as an opportunity for a fan of music to pursue what she could contribute. In most interviews she would always talk about other music that she likes instead of her own.