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@QVC kitty 1 wrote:


Not yet, but once all of my shows wrap up for the Summer Season, I will watch far less tv. I generally watch much less tv in the summer anyway.


I live in The Midwest and our Summers are short, so I try to take advantage of the nice weather whenever I can... 

@CANDLEQUEEN , Yes it's a good time to turn off the tube.

In Arizona we are just the opposite, summers and long and hot and nobody goes outside much until late October. We are in our hibernation period. 

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I agree.  The few series I watched wrapped up and I found nothing on regular TV that I like.   I watch a lot of sports, a little House Hunters International and Jeopardy and that's it.  Oh I did discover Dateline and watch those.   There are a lot of murderers out there that are soooooo dumb.


I have found series on apple + and  Hulu.  Other than that, I can entertain myself for hours on my iPad and Kindle.

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I'm not watching much. The offerings, overall, are sorely lacking, most of them hardly compelling viewing. 

In my pantry with my cupcakes...
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About a year ago, I just unplugged.  You can guess why.


Seems nice and calm without the noise.

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I have days where I watch little tv.  I don't know why.  On the other hand, I once watched the complete Virgin River series in one day (after a terrible week).  


I am thinking about cutting the cable cord.  I am having trouble finding things to watch that I like.

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@Vivian I love Tyler Perry's Madea.  So funny.

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I watch much less also...i def watch less QVC between the offerings/hosts, and also the fact that TV w/covid canceled so many shows/sitcoms that normally i would DVR or watch and replaced them with boring talk shows, or game shows (which saves them money) or reality shows...and the only other offerings this time of year are mainly repeats...............