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I have never watched this movie, but when Peter O'Toole died, I was watching a lot of news about the movie and from what I had seen it looked good. Have no idea why I never watched it unless for the fact it came out in 1962 and at 12 years of age I might have been into other stuff.

Over the week-end it was on so I recorded it. Was surprised at how long this movie is. Haven't watched it yet, but since tonight is Oscar night, I'm thinking of going upstairs and watching it. Besides, we have over 2 feet of snow and I have no plans to go out.

Just wondering who here has seen this movie. Probably a lot of you. Did you like it? I will watch it regardless, just want to get some input about it.

Thanks for taking time to read


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I've seen it a couple of times. It's a great epic tale and worthy of viewing on the big screen if you ever have the occasion to see it there. Enjoy!

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Fabulous movie....great acting, gorgeous scenery....a classic !!!

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I've seen the movie dozens of times. It introduced Omar Sharif to the world, and he was hired because he could speak English. It's a true epic, and it was a nightmare to film. They just don't make movies like that anymore.
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The music was wonderful as well!

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Its a great movie and I think you'll enjoy it. I managed to record several old favorites and am happily watching them. We watched Ben Hur last week and I still love that movie.

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Tops the list of my all time favorites. Must see on the big screen. Very contemporary message
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On 3/3/2015 Justice4all said: Tops the list of my all time favorites. Must see on the big screen. Very contemporary message

The last time I saw it on the big screen was at the Varsity Theatre in Palo Alto in the 70s. A double feature with my favorite film of all time: The Lion in Winter. Never left my seat. My date was dying a slow death. I was in heaven.

So have you watched it yet?

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It was recently on tv and I tried to watch it because it is so well regarded and I did not like it. I really wanted to like it but did not. I realize I am very much in the minority on this. I also did not like the Grand Budapest Hotel which most people loved so I am clearly no judge of good movies.
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It seems to me it's one of those movies that really needs to be seen on the big screen. The cinematography is breathtaking.