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I watched again last night! The story line was ok but to me no excitement. Must be the actors though , Sam Watermen had more screen time. Like previous DA he was either leaving the office or putting on his coat and hat . Watched L&O SUV and Organize Crime . They were good but still
miss old Law and Order and Criminal Intent.
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I agree. The original was my favorite. This version doesn't have any punch or pizazz. The actors seem to just go through the motions. Like they say, you can't improve on the original. 

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@Beacon girl I didn't fault the cast, but I do think I need a break from any of the fictional crime shows.  Did watch all of SVU, but maybe only half of Organized crime.  I feel as if I know the story lines long before the shows end and I'm taking that to mean I've watched too many recently.  


Time to limit the ugliness to the news-  more than enough of that near and far.

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@Beacon girl I recorded it but don't know if I'll watch it. Sam Waterston is just a reincarnated Adam Schiff who I never felt was all that interesting.

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I think they need to replace the attorneys.  They aren't very inspiring.  I think SVU was good.  I'm all for making rape a hate crime.  I don't watch Organized Crime very often.  I do like Christopher Meloni but there is something about him that turns me off with this show.  

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Gave it a second chance, which it didn't deserve. Jeffrey Donavan can't  act, so he compensates with a wrinkled brow. Both he and it are quite unattractive.  The two attorneys were on a par with Donavan, only difference was they over emoted to compensate for their lack of ability. The storyline seemed underdeveloped, as though it had been edited to fit in more commercials.

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Big original L&O fan here and still watch early episode especially with Lenny.  There was always some lightness with balanced detectives, like Lenny's wise cracks.  Ironically I stopped watching when the last two detectives, one was Anthony Andrews.


I tried to watch the new one, gave it 3 episodes but I'm done.  We are used to cast changes  but they always seemed to gel but not this one for me.  I don't like anyone.  Most appear distracted or disinterested.

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Didn't even turn it on this repeats of Chicago PD on Ion.