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Re: Latest Tom Cruise

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Probably a mix of opinions about him.

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Scarlett Johansson was interviewed on "Entertainment Tonight" and was asked if there is somebody she'd like to work with whom she's never worked with before.  She answered Tom Cruise.  Hope they make that happen!

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Any actress would most likely say they would like to work with T. Cruise, just good politics....he is a money maker. Hard to say if his "religion" influences the private opinions of him.  

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@Carmie wrote:

I can't stand going to the movies.  It is never a good time.  People talking during the movie and the sound is too loud.  I have  been there when the police had to be more.


We will wait until the DVD comes out.  My DH has just about every movie you can think of on DVD.  He is a movie buff.


Me, not so much anymore.


     I wanted to seeTop Gun: Maverick in the theater on a giant screen but never went.  I keep saying I'll watch it at home but haven't yet.  I'm going to see this latest MI in a theater.  I'm not making that mistake again.  

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@SharkE   I can't wait to see this one either. I love Tom Cruise movies, he is SO good at everything he does. STILL pretty easy on the eyes too!!!


I don't tink he's looking for a desk job just yet either. Tom is too talented, too good at what he does and he still enjoys it all.  His 60 is like our 70 or 80 too!!!!!

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He could take over the position that Jon Voight had

That would be cool.   As usual people bring up his

choice of religion....sigh...... That's his private life

wouldn't be my choice, but, I don't watch his action

movies because of his religious choices.   LOL