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******Last night's (3/10) CELEBRITY APPRENTICE SPOILER ALERT******************

I personally think that Steve should be fired...that man creeps me out big time and does nothing at least I didn't see him doing squat but whisper in peopl'e ears! Gary is a pain in the back end but he really did a good job.

I think Amarosa is getting a bad wrap and think Latoya is just jealous of her and is being beyond nasty as Amarosa I do not believe is using Michael's death as a pity party. I believe she loved him beyond words and that she is still grieving and I think she is not the way she comes across. I have seen a softer side of her and she sure is loving to a sister I beieve or some relative who has special needs. This is her TV personna and it works well for her but she will not be denied how smart she is. Does she mess up and play the game maybe at times meanspirited, yep, but she is there to win, and win she did!