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Reminds me a bit of Return to Me movie in 2000 , similar situation, but not exactly same. 

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I saw and enjoyed Last Christmas Friday. Based on the previews I saw last month, and thinking about the song, I'd pretty much figured out what was happening.  It didn't matter.  The soundtrack was great and I find Henry Golding very charming.  The last few weeks he's been making the rounds to the talk shows.  He has an infectious laugh and engaging smile.


Good holiday fun but it includes a look at the homeless. I cried a few times.

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I just saw it,,, very cute movie, with a twist.

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I saw it Saturday.  For me, it was just ok.  While the twist had a positive impact, it’s not how I wanted it to go.  

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I think Emilia Clark is adorable. I loved her in Game of Thrones and am happy to see her in something romantic.