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I'm very fond of Lavar Burton and think he would be an excellent host.  

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@lovemygrands   Not only that, the network has not decided, mentioned or nor made up their minds if the show IS coming back.


The Levar petition was more than likely sent out by his publicity agents. rolleyes.gif

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Just a rumor going around on FB.


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maybe a woman Paula Zhan... Robin Roberts ....  Ann Curry

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I can get behind Levar being the new host.




I just don't want them to choose a comedian, who would treat the show as their own comedy special.

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I sugggested Steve Harvey as a joke.  Thought everyone would realize that! Smiley Surprised  



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Lavar might actually be a good replacement.  I remember last seeing him in star trek.

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Whoever they choose to replace AT will have big shoes to fill so they must be careful with whom they pick.  It will take time but eventually that host will be able to make Jeopardy their own.


When Bob Barker left The Price Is Right I never thought anyone would ever replace him but Drew Carey has done a wonderful job. At times it seems like he has always been the host.


I do believe the best choice of a replacement would be Tom Bergeron.  His personality reminds me of Alex Trebek.

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@Joann1218 wrote:

I would like to see either Tom Bergeron from DWTS or Jeff Probst from Survivor take over for Alex.


Both excellent choices but I would hate to lose Probst on Survivor.  He is so good at what he does there.

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@snoop wrote:

Lavar might actually be a good replacement.  I remember last seeing him in star trek.




He was acting in Star Trek.   


A game show host is handling a game show in process, and, for Jeopardy in particular, needs to be able to conduct themselves in a dignified manner.  I have no idea if he is capable of that.   


Other suggestions mentioned Tom Bergeron and Steve Harvey, make no sense (to me) because both men are basically clowns. 


Alex Trebeck was no buffoon and shouldn't be replaced by one.  It would ruin the show and be an insult to Alex's memory.  They need a more intellectual individual, rather than some mentioned.   


I don't envy the job of finding a suitable replacement.