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@bewise wrote:

Every once in a while,while trying to find a program.I come across her show,can't believe she is still on.Silly stuff that makes a person shake her head.She needs to grow up,of course thats the last time even trying to find anything good. SHE CONTINUES to make lots of money,just don't get it.



From your comments, I'd say what you "don't get" is the intended FORMAT of the show.  


Going back to when Regis and Kathie Lee were the co-hosts, this show was always meant to be a light hearted talk show.  No breaking news, no serious subjects, no downers.   Bring on guests promoting their new movie or TV show, or whatever.


The hosts need to be upbeat what, funny, energetic and .   The target audience is retirees and young mothers home with the kids.   I'm guessing the show must be successful ratings-wise, or they would cancel it.


There are always a number of various daytime talk shows with different formats ... take your pick.    Just because you don't like a host of one of those shows doesn't mean they need to "grow up".  It means you should be watching something else.



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@CelticCrafter wrote:

I don't watch, maybe she's on vacation?

I have not watched since she picked Ryan for a cohost.

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Kelly annoys me.  I loved Kathie Lee, and I liked Regis "ok".  I would dvr if Kathie Lee was on!

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I watched this morning. It was kind of pathetic. They both said the world has changed in two days.... Kylie Jenner is pregnant. I thought their demographics were older. I mean both host are in their 40's. 

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Years ago when Kathie Lee and Regis were on I  watched the first 10 minutes every morning. I had to leave for work at 9:10 and I loved the banter between the 2 of them. I still watched when Kelly joined Regis and it was OK then too but have never seen it since Ryan has joined Kelly. I have no interest in him and Kelly lost that funny innocence that she had years ago.... I guess it's to be expected. I have a feeling the show is in it's last few years.