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Re: Kate plus 8

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Kate Gosselin Sells Kate Plus 8 House for Nearly $1.1 Million (


Never understood why she had to have such a massive house anyway... that's just me.  Hope one of the kiddos writes a book- will be first in line, LOL ..

@Suziepeach there were a lot of kids? LOL  I didn't realize the house was nearly 6,400 square feet.  I knew she had a lot of property but for some reason the house itself never looked that big to me.  I thought the property was beautiful.


I want to think more than just one child is living with Jon but I could be wrong.  


I'll admit I watched the dating show she had and she was awful.  I can't imagine what she is doing for money.  She'd have to have a job wouldn't she?    

@LipstickDiva you betcha she'll need money- I read where an ex assistant or something claimed Kate owes her 55K.. I'd hate to see her expensive budget since she thinks she's the onliest one with mutiple children..  My Aunt had 3 sets of twins and no one went on and on about them.. funny thing at our Grandma's funeral was seeing people that looked alike all over (not meant to be funny but it was)..  


I was fan when their show first started but then the real Kate came out- people that helped her, like Miss Janet, then Kate hurt and dumped them all - I mean it was about ole Kate, right?


I think Jon has custody of Collin and Hannah... I loved how he played with them and Kate just being ****** and fussing, LOL ..  

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I heard that Collin has issues.... bi polar or something... even  Jon had an issue with him that was in the tabloids.  I think Kate just sent Collin  away to some school to get him out of her hair... Jon has  kept him home and tries to deal with the issue. 

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Kate just threw Colin away, sent him to that school and left him there alone.  Jon fought for custody, and she didn't even bother to show up at the court hearing. 

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Kate is a "B" to be sure, but Jon, (whom I consider to be the better parent) is not exactly a prize himself.



The twins Cara and Maddie, who are now 19 I believe, want nothing to do with him, which I find sad.



Personally, I think that Kate poisoned their minds against him, but that is just my opinion.




I just feel bad for the kids.



It couldn't have been easy growing up in that toxic household with that much negative energy going on.

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With four kids now at home with Kate, it makes sense that she would size down to a smaller house.  Any income must be quite reduced so the upkeep of that larger house would be a strain.

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He did everything around the house and waited on her hand and foot but he got the bad wrap! She was a real rip!
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My recall is that he did not do everything around the house or helping with the kids.  He tried but was often inept and forgetful causing her to become very frustrated.