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Kardashian News

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'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' to End With Season 20 in Early 2021




About Time!


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Can't come soon enough for me.

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This decision to 'end it' will be so much better for this family in the long run. 

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I'm truly heartbroken.

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@SeaMaiden   I saw that announcement about an hour ago.


Don't the K women have a bunch of very young daughters between them? 


Never fear, when the young ones hit their their teens and they can get botexed and implanted, maybe throw in a "tape" and it will be Kardashians 2.0.


The Moms and Grandma all know s*x sells.

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Finally. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched the first few years when it was interesting. 

Not one happy marriage or relationship among them.

I'm sure we don't know the Reality of this family - something isn't right.



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I may have only seen an episode or two and really don’t care one way or another about it (I actually don’t mind Kim and follow Poosh).


I had to laugh at some of the comments I read on Facebook. To quote “This is the best news of 2020” and “2021 is looking better already”!! Just made me giggle.
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Kylie has one daughter, Kim has two daughters, Kourtney has one daughter and Khloe has one daughter.  I would watch the show sometimes, if nothing else was on!  LOL


There surely were a lot of messed up relationships over the years.  Bruce turned into a woman, Kim went through 2 marriages and 3 other boyfriends over the length of the TV series, Khloe's husband almost died in a brothel, then her next boyfriend had a fling with a family friend, and on and on.  


Hopefully their next 20 years won't be like their recent 20 years!

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Wow, that IS big news!  Well, their show lasted a lot longer than anybody could predict.  They must be set for life financially.