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I was really impressed with "90 Day Fiance" last night. First, they did not do that stupid replay of each scene every five minutes which almost makes the show unwatchable, IMO. They showed the kinder side of their couples and for a change, they had a positive theme!! I loved that Kenneth and Armando finally got some good news. They are a lovely couple in a tough world, and their love for Armando's daughter is so sweet.. And it seemed like even Ari, the Queen of Complaining, came to her senses about how lovely a person Binyan is. Your impressions?

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You may want to ask the Mods to move this to the TV/Movies forum, there's more discussions on this show there, so you may get more responses.


Just a suggestion.....I am NOT the forum police, LOL!

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I grow old with the constant tears and crying... can not watch them

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I don't like Kenny. He needs to learn Spanish if he plans to stay in Mexico. 
Armando is more mature than Kenny.