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Why does she need a bodyguard?  Her 15 minutes was over years ago.  

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I vividly remember how she treated her husband on Live TV. There is only 1 word for her, rhymes with witch... 

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That's a good one! Oops, I used the quick response for the first time. I was laughing at the poster that said TLC stood for total loser channel.........very funny
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It has been reported over and over again that Kate is horrible in real life.  It has nothing to do with the show.  There were lots of rumors about her bad behavior when she was a part of DWTS.  Now of course, this is if we can believe these rumors/stories.


A number of years ago she was at a home improvement show in my area.  They typically have local newscasters and radio personalities broadcasting from this show.  On Monday morning after this show, one of the local radio broadcasters was talking about the show to his co-host and in the conversation commented that he met Kate Gosselin and she was absolutely terrible.  He said she was so rude and such a *itch to everyone.  He said there were a lot of behind the scenes people complaining about her attitude. 

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Jon and many other women were a great help to Kate.


She had help from her church right after the babies were born.  Even as the kids got older, she had had help.  They were never shown on camera and she always denied having help. 


When Jon had a traditional job in IT, he took care of the kids in the morning and also when he got home at night. 


When Jon and Kate got divorced, Jon signed away his half of the house in exchange for not giving Kate child support.  They mutually agreed to that, but Kate loved to say how Jon didn't pay support. 


Kate is a master at manipulating people...

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@ID2 wrote:

I've always been the odd man out when it comes to Kate Gosslin. I always felt life dealt her a bad hand. Her personality wasn't cut out to being overwhelmed with raising 6 kids at once. They couldn't, by any means by themselves, afford this many kids. Todays television gave her the opportunity to cash in on her life. I enjoy watching her life. And when I heard of this show I set it up on my dvr to record and watch. I have a big heart and have sympathy for people. I just don't have it in me to constantly express hate toward others. 



@ID2   Eight children at once.

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They live within driving distance to me.


They are in Wyomissing Pa.


Jon is also a DJ and is working closeby this weekend.

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That's a good one! Oops, I used the quick response for the first time. I was laughing at the poster that said TLC stood for total loser channel.........very funny

I agree.  And to think - TLC started as an offshoot from NASA.  IMO it's really a shame it has become such a garbage channel.

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I just remembered that she was also on an episode of Wife Swap. She swapped places with former playmate Kendra Wilkinson who at that time was married to former football player Hank Baskett. I'm pretty sure they're divorced now.

@shaggygirl  I saw that episode and yes Kendra is divorced now.

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Why do they keep putting her on TV?

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