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I recommend Jury Duty on Prime Video. It has 8 or10 short episodes. (Ironically, I just received a Jury Summons for 6/5-6/10.)


Maid on Netflix is also very good. I believe it has 10 episodes.

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I will check out Maid.  I couldn't get through the first episode of Jury Duty.

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Re: Jury Duty on Prime

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Thanks for the recommendations...I will check them out.


If you like Jury shows, I highly recommend "The Jury"...The one I am referring to is the British version....from 2002...with Gerard Butler, Helen McCrory, Derek Jacobi, etc.....Excellent cast...It is available on Tubi and Freevee....There are two seasons...Each season has different trials and actors...My favorite was Season 1...I loved the way they intertwined the personal lives of the Jurors while involved with the Trial and the storyline that developed between Gerard Butler (sigh) and Helen McCrory.


There are a few shows titled "The Jury" that will show up, so I made sure to emphasize the British version.



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@Runner26 I'm glad you liked it, I started to watch and decided it wasn't for me. 

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I'll take a look at Jury Duty.


I didn't care for Maid at all. Only made it halfway through that. 

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@Runner26  I have Prime, and this might be interesting to just give it a look/see... but I've served on FIVE (5) juries and they weren't what I'd call a good time.


I've been summoned to appear for at least a dozen juries and had no idea why I was ultimately chosen. Maybe because I  generate a "reasonable, not too stupid person" aura? Hahaha! I'm a formidable juror though.


So best of luck with your summons, which ever way you'd like it to go!

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I watched the first episode of "Jury Duty" and was all in when one juror was eating a lollipop and stuck it on her chest to take a break.


I am finding it very amusing and will continue.

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I hung in there with it because I did laugh alot. I did want to see what happened at the end.  It is so stupid-funny.  Sort of along the lines of Seinfeld, which I still watch off and on and laugh over and over at the same lines. 

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I am on Episode 6 and the show is definitely not for everyone.


For me, I am laughing so hard I am tearing up.  It is hilarious.


The actors are wonderful and doing such a great job as is James Marsden.  I am not sure how they came up with the idea for this show but I am happy they did. 

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We binged on it today because going outside is a No No, here.


I enjoyed it.  Reminded me a bit of The Office.


Wasn't wild about the ending though.  And then once that developed, that part seemed to just go on and on.


At one point, after the ending was presented, I was waiting for *the other shoe to drop*.  It din't.