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Re: Jumping the shark--Blue Bloods

I hung in there until this last season and don't watch anymore.  I think with a big cast like they have they could have expanded the storylines and let the family add on with girlfriends, boyfriends and wives and children.  Only so many drug busts and murders you can make interesting. 

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Re: Jumping the shark--Blue Bloods

We still watch, because we have so much time invested in it, but it is boring, boring, boring, and it's time to end it.  We are usually doing other things while it's on.  I had to laugh at the comment that all Frank does is scowl and humphs.  Best one yet and so true!!!  We can't stand Sid and him constantly saying, "Boss."  Jaime and Eddie are okay.  There is so much they could do with the actors to add interest.  No one dates.  Really?  But unlike most of you, we think Lyle Lovett is the worst actor EVER and added nothing to the show.  We haven't watched the Jimmy Buffett episode yet, but it can't be worse than the Lyle Lovett episode.  

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Re: Jumping the shark--Blue Bloods

@proudlyfromNJ wrote:

In my opinion, Blue Bloods jumped the sharks years ago. Every episode is the same. Can't stand the Eddie character. Frank is annoying as is Erin. Anthony is just about the only character I like anymore.

@proudlyfromNJ:  I agree. Anthony is my favorite. If he ever leaves the show, I'm out!

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Re: Jumping the shark--Blue Bloods

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Blue Bloods is pretty much stale.  Eddie and Jamie are mismatched.  I don't see the love between them.  They act like roommates.  None of the characters have a life outside of the police force.  Anthony - Steve Schirripa is the draw for me cuz his character is no nonsense. I wonder who decided all the characters should be prim and politically correct all the time.  No excitement there.

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Re: Jumping the shark--Blue Bloods

@4kitties wrote:

I am just so tired of the Frank character.  I love Tom Selleck, but his acting talents are wasted.  He just sits and scowls and "humphs".  

But hey, if that is all he has to do to make big money, who can blame him?




Tom Selleck has rather serious RA, so he doesn't move around very much. 


When you watch the show, pay attention to his movements ... or lack of movement.  They don't film him walking more than a few steps now and then.   He definitely has problems with his joints, which affect his mobility.     

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Re: Jumping the shark--Blue Bloods

@Cakers3  I guess it's more like you say tomatoes and I say tomatoes.


Let me try to rephrase that....what I'm trying to say (and doing a horrible job at it) is perhaps what I consider not drinking or smoking things that are bad for you....Buffet considers what he does the same as my interpretation.

Phew!  I finally got that out!  Ha!

For a short time my daughter worked at Hooters.  (Another time...another story).  She was the rep for some of their restaurants.


She turned 21 on the same day Buffet was at the venue nearby.  She was one of several girls that was giving out Buffet  "stuff".


She met him and was there on the gig at the meet and greet.  She said she thought he'd be 'full of himself' like several others that had performed at the venue.


That was not the case with Buffet.  She said he took the time to meet with some fans and was kind to everyone.

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Re: Jumping the shark--Blue Bloods

I feel like so many of you.The show is just not exciting anymore.The actors are not doing it anymore,have not watched for a longtime.