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If you want to have fun go and see this newest version. It was so much fun. My husband and I both enjoyed it..It is just pure entertainment, no bad words, nudity or sex..The entire family can see it. Maybe the  6 and under crowd might get a bit frightened, but , I don't think it is the stuff of nightmares.. There are some chases and some fisticuffs but no torture,or really vicious violence, there are some animal chase scenes, that might scare little ones

. I am not sure what the rating is...


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@cherry   Thanks for the review!  My husband & I saw the one a few years ago & plan to see this sequel tomorrow.  It's refreshing to find a decent movie the whole family can see.

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My daughter teaches middle school and this afternoon the entire school went to see this movie, since it was the last day before Christmas break. She told me she and everyone enjoyed it, and she went into it thinking she wouldn’t enjoy it. 


Glad you liked it!