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Did anyone catch the Lifetime tribute to Julie Andres on TCM last night?  It was on rather late but it was worth watching.  The show was very tastefully done.  Julie Andrews is such a wonderful role model-modest, sweet, kind and real. A class act!  I will try to watch more of her films aside from The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins!  

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Ms. Andrews sings my favorite song, "Crazy World" from Victor/Victoria.

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Re: Julie Andrews

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I'm glad you mentioned this.

I didn't get to watch it live but went to youtube and got to see most of it.

I remember thinking too, she should have been chosen for My Fair Lady but then we wouldn't have had our Mary Poppins!

And now I can't imagine someone besides Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady.


and it seems everyone loves her just as much as me!

Carol Burnett got so much applause too. It was special to hear of their 60 year friendship.


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It was awesome. Totally exceeded my expectations.