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Julie Andrews on TCM on Tuesday, 10/29

I believe That's Life! has not aired on TV and is not available on DVD.
TCM scores a triumph by presenting Julie Andrews, one of the best-loved international stars, as an on-camera co-host with Ben Mankiewicz for a screening of four Andrews films, three of which Andrews will join our TCM host in discussing. Andrews' appearance comes just days after the publication of her new book, Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years (2019).
Check your listings.  These are Eastern times.
8:00 PM 
11:00 PM 
1:30 AM
Here are the Andrews films appearing in our salute co-hosted by the star herself:

The Americanization of Emily (1964), Andrews' follow-up film to Mary Poppins, provides a change of pace with its dark overtones in a romance set in 1944 London during the weeks leading up to D-Day. James Garner plays a Navy officer charged with supplying his superiors with all the comforts (including attractive women), and Andrews is a war widow who falls in love with him. Paddy Chayefsky wrote the screenplay and Arthur Hiller directed an excellent cast that also includes Melvyn Douglas, Keenan Wynn and James Coburn.

Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967), a satirical musical set in the 1920s that is reminiscent of The Boy Friend, was another hit for Andrews. She has the title role as an innocent from Kansas who comes to the Big City to find liberation, love and a rich husband. Campy fun is added by Beatrice Lillie and Carol Channing (Oscar-nominated as Best Supporting Actress). Also on hand are Mary Tyler Moore, John Gavin and James Fox. George Roy Hill directed, and Elmer Bernstein won an Oscar for his original score.

Victor/Victoria (1982) reunited Andrews with James Garner in this highly entertaining musical farce directed by Andrews' late husband, Blake Edwards. She plays Victoria, a struggling soprano in 1934 Paris who becomes the toast of the town after being coached by a gay mentor (Robert Preston) to masquerade as a female impersonator. Garner is a macho gangster who falls for him/her, and Lesley Ann Warren is the gangster's shrill-voiced moll. The movie scored seven Oscar nominations including nods to Andrews, Preston and Warren; and won for the original score by Henry Mancini and Leslie Bricusse.

That's Life (1986, TCM premiere), a comedy-drama co-written and directed by Edwards, casts Jack Lemmon as a successful yet depressed architect facing his 60th birthday. Andrews plays his patient wife, who confronts problems of her own. This independent production was shot at the Edwards' Malibu beach house with family members in supporting roles. The couple's children are played by Chris Lemmon (Jack's son), Emma Walton (Julie's daughter) and Jennifer Edwards (Blake's daughter). Felicia Farr, Jack Lemmon's wife, appears as a fortune teller. The Mancini/Bricusse composition "Life in a Looking Glass" was Oscar-nominated as Best Song.

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Re: Julie Andrews on TCM on Tuesday, 10/29

Thanks for info.

I've never seen That's Life or Millie.


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Re: Julie Andrews on TCM on Tuesday, 10/29

[ Edited ]

TCM has been showing clips of the interview with Julie Andrews for the last several days. It shows a short film clip of her singing God Save the King, when she was 13 years old. 


I look forward to watching.

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Re: Julie Andrews on TCM on Tuesday, 10/29

@zitigirl. Thanks for posting this. I love the film Victor/Victoria which most matter how many times I've seen it, always makes me laugh. I would live to hear Julie's commentary on it so I will be watching that one.
Not interested in the others though.
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Re: Julie Andrews on TCM on Tuesday, 10/29


I feel the same about Victor/Victoria. Love this movie. Gonna DVR it. Thanks for the info. Love Julie Andrews


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Re: Julie Andrews on TCM on Tuesday, 10/29

Thanks I will set up my DVR.  I am reading her newest biography and she talks in detail about making these movies,

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Re: Julie Andrews on TCM on Tuesday, 10/29

If you miss "That's Life", it's uploaded on YouTube.