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Re: Judge Steve Harvey

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When did he become a bonified judge in court? Not a fan.  Watch his demeaner and jesters, he fake laughs a lot.

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@Goodie2shoes wrote:

Did anyone watch the premier show tonight on abc ?  It was sooo funny !!  He admits he's not a real judge he just plays one on TV. The cases are brought before him, he's sitting on the bench he hears the lawsuit and makes his decision. Very funny show, gets my vote for one of the best starting out in the new year

I'd watch this real or otherwise, instead of watching those god awful reality shows.  I can't stand those shows.  People suck them up as if it's real.  Producers are guiding much of the story.  I need to laugh more, so I will check out Judge Steve next go round.  Thanks for sharing.

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@Love my grandkids wrote:

@Goodie2shoes No. I won't watch him. I think he's a jerk and acts like a fool. I wasted 5 minutes on him years again. Never again.

@Love my grandkids   You forgot loud and obnoxious.

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@Kachina624 Loud and obnoxious. That's  a given LOL.

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It can't be any worse than him hosting Family Feud.  Right?

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I used to really like his shows until I heard him rant about America's race relations; it was kind of eye opening, much the same as Oprah years ago. I just can't watch him now and not remember some of the things he said. They may have been valid points but were so hate-filled, not something our country needed or needs. Points can be made without viciousness.

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Stupid dumb show. will be cancelled by april.

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I didn’t watch. Is this a comedy spoof on court shows? If he isn’t a Real Judge he can’t legally hear or handle lawsuits.
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@ValuSkrwrote: I came across it while flipping channels and was surprsied to see him in the judge's chair. Are they real lawsuits that's he's settling?



I don't know if they are real lawsuits and I see not many positive responses to Steve in my post and that's fine, to each their own. I just think the show is very funny and with all that's going on in the world today, I enjoyed the laugh

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“Judge Steve Harvey,” ABC has ordered 10 episodes of what it’s billing a “courtroom comedy series.”
So, is 'Judge Steve Harvey' real?


Despite the title of the show, no, Steve Harvey is not a real judge. However, you don't have to be a real judge to run a primetime courtroom reality show, and Steve Harvey gets that better than anyone right now. He's in charge of the cases presented on Judge Steve Harvey, and while Steve himself isn't a judge, the cases are legit.


He opened up to TV insider about some notable cases in the show's first season.


"We had two sisters suing one another for $6,000, which is substantial," he shared. "I found out the truth of why they were there, and it wasn't just about money. There was a son who sued his mother. As he was standing there, you could see the people in the gallery turning on him."


Even though the problems on Judge Steve Harvey are real, the people who appear before "Judge" Steve are paid just to be on the show.


According to the casting website for Judge Steve Harvey, participants are paid $1,000 for the use of their likeness. And anything else awarded as a result of the case is paid for by production.


Individuals are encouraged to apply to be on the show if they have any disputes they want to settle on-camera with friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else. The website also says "no case is too big or too small" for the show. And according to the fine print, producers will pay to fly participants out to film.


Is 'Judge Steve Harvey' legally binding?


If the participants on Judge Steve Harvey sign a contract beforehand about the case they bring to the show, chances are it has something to do with arbitration rather than a real court case you'd see with a standard jury and actual judge. Steve is acting as a mediator of sorts.


That being said, with contracts involved, Judge Steve Harvey is likely legally binding.


With other courtroom shows, like Judge Judy for example, participants sign documents agreeing to the arbitration rather than an actual courtroom litigation. So whatever happens is within the parameters of the law.