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@SWEET  When I got the top photo from the Internet, it said 2019 photo. That's why I said I didn't think her hair looked much different than it usually does. I think she had something done to her face, though. And I like how her face looks. Very pretty.

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@grandma2pkmh wrote:

@World Traveler   I don't think that top photo is Judge Judy. When I searched images of her, this photo cam up as "Judy Judy Hair Styles".  While the lady look amazingly like her I don't think it is.  All of the images I saw of her, even before she was on tv, she has the same style.

@grandma2pkmh  There wasn't a photo attached to your post. Which photo is "this photo"? When I googled "Judge Judy 2019 photos," I got some nice ones.

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@World Traveler   I was talking about the top photo of your post.  The very young woman.  We all know everything on the internet is the truth. lol

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@ILTH wrote:

Nothing can pull the focus away from that stupid doily she wears around her neck. 

@ILTH.   We have a judge in Albuquerque who wears a multi-strand turquoise chip necklace every day.  Prettier than a doily


I'll bet the necklace looks beautiful. Necklaces with the robes can look good. 

The doily is just awful. Like she should be wearing a cut-glass dish with hard candies in it on her head.  Smiley Happy

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My opinion the new do makes her look older .  But I always thought the piece in front was a filler.  She did remind me today of RBG.

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Hair and makeup didn't show up on time and she had to go on the air.  Time waits for no  man.


That was NOT her in the photo above.  Just a pic of a similar hairstyle and is seen on millions of women.  Nothing new.


If y'all notice, when she came on w/o her hair done up, she has no sideburns at all, which leads me to believe that she wears a wig.  Today, in the first episode, she wasn't and had her hair tied back.  It's not that long when we see her in her usual look.  Also, someone mentioned that she wasn't wearing glasses.  She had them in her hand, then put them on, then took them off.  They were "readers"....


She may have been travelling and got to the studio late, didn't have her wig, maybe couldn't find her glasses and put on a pair of readers.  JMO  That was a very recent show because they were mentioning dates in Oct/Nov 2018 in that first case.  The second case seemed back to normal.

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Either her on-air hairstylist couldn't fix her hair today, or she fixed it herself because her ratings were low and wanted people to tune in.


This type of publicity is done all the time and gets people to tune in. 



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Severe short slick style-> omy, not a good look. 

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I saw her today and even though I love watching her, she looked awful today!  She needed more updated earrings if she is going to wear her hair like that!

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Doesn't the no-sideburns thing indicate someone has had at least one facelift?  I suspect she has had many.

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