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@VaBelle35 wrote:

The darker hair for Judge DeMango was a wig. You could tell how shiney it was.

I thought maybe she broke her hair from all the bleaching and decided to get a wig while she grew it out.


Judge Acker has the Wig of the Day.  She said she names them.  LOL

I knew Judge Acker wore wigs since she always mentions them when they have a wig case and I love those cases. Maybe Judge Acker gave Judge DiMango one to borrow.  LOL.  I love Judge DiMango's jewelry though -- mostly her earrings.  my eyes goes directly there.

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This post is too funny becuase I just saw her new 'do for the first time last night.  Yuck!  Even though she had what some might consider an old fashioned style before, it still suited her and her persona.  Maybe she's got people telling her she needs to 'soften' her look or some such....  LOL!

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I have heard this is Judge Judy's last season.  She is supposed to retire.

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I like Judge DeMango's ring.




This photo was from when it was rumored she would be joining Hot Bench.


SHe embraced LA by bleaching her hair.  LOL

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Well that was strange.  1 day of new hair style then back to the old the last 2 days.  I wonder if the shows are shown in the order they are taped. Oh well, I guess we will have to wait and see.