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On our cable provider, they show reruns at 4, 4:30 and 5:30 and a new episode at 5:00.  That was a 2019 episode.  I about died when I saw her.  She looked so old!  I didn't like it at all. 


I didn't think her other hair was a it?  I thought maybe she is trying to grow out her hair.  Whatever, I thought she looked awful!!

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@World Traveler wrote:

Do you mean this? This is a 2019 photo, but it doesn't look that much different to me than from how she has worn it for many years. I would say it looks more like she can a facelift; maybe not. But I think she looks marvelous.


Judge Judy.jpg


This one is from years ago.

Judge Judy1.jpg

@World Traveler   The top picutre is not Judge Judy.  She is the President of the University of South Florida.


I found her with an image search.

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OMG, Judge Judy just came on tv.  She has changed her hair, after all these years, and in my opinion looks awful.  No poof, slicked back away from her face, tiny side bang, pulled behind her ears. She must like it or would not have been taped looking like this.

@grandma2pkmh   I have not seen it, but perhaps she just needed a change.  I am sure it is doubly hard to be on TV and being seen by so many people , and many who are criticizing you right and left.  People get use to you looking  one way.  Maybe the new hair style will grow on you the more you see it!  🙂

If anyone watches Hot Bench, Judge Patricia DeMango changed her hair color drastically from bleach blonde (longer than shoulder length) to shoulder length and dark auburn but now the newer shows are showing her blonde again.  That color didn't last long that's for sure.  LOL

I watch Hot Bench and my fav is Judge DeMango....but i have heard her and Judge Acker discuss that they both use wigs at times.................I think Judge DeMango's natural hair is when she wears it longer and angled in the front................although i can't swear to it with them wearing wigs alot!!

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I watch her everyday and find her intriguing. I didn't like her hair today. My only negative comment is her view on pitbulls. She doesn't even want to listen when it comes to making judgements. I wish Tia from Pitbulls and Parolees would visit her. 


I must admit when she is done she is done with you. She is 76 years old and is worth 420 million dollars. I think she could afford to retire. 




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I don't think the style she had today did much for her... i think it made her look older.............her hair always looks nice...........i hope i look half as good as her at that age!!

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The darker hair for Judge DeMango was a wig. You could tell how shiney it was.

I thought maybe she broke her hair from all the bleaching and decided to get a wig while she grew it out.


Judge Acker has the Wig of the Day.  She said she names them.  LOL

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"Judge Judy began wearing her trademark lace collar right after she was appointed a judge. To celebrate, she and her husband Jerry—both civil servants at the time—took a $399 package trip to Greece.


She purchased a white lace collar from a street-side vendor. She explained to her husband that male judges wore stiff collared shirts and colorful ties as a colorful “buffer” between the austere gown and their face.


Female judges had nothing but neck, and the unforgiving black robe highlighted sleep deprivation and skin tone irregularities. The white lace collar, she decided, would not only perk up her face but also would be a bit disarming for litigants."


Related image

Judge Judy facts

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@World Traveler   The first photo is not of Judge Judy -- it might be of a "look-alike," but it's not Judge Judy.  The teeth and the smile give it away.

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I don't like the new do.

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It really makes her look older.  Not flattering at all.